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Beijing Officials Ask Hong Kong People to Acknowledge China and the Communist Party’s Rule of Hong Kong

According to an article VOA published, on December 4, China’s National Constitution Day, Beijing officials stationed in Hong Kong said that, “Hong Kong must respect and agree that its political system is under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, which is defined under the constitution. Hong Kong became a part of Red China after its return and it shares the same fate with the Chinese Communist Party.” The article stated that this is the first time in the 20 years since Hong Kong’s return that Chinese officials have made such a bare and direct statement about the relationship between Hong Kong and the Mainland. According to the comments from a retired professor from Hong Kong City University, Hong Kong people acknowledge themselves as Chinese and also recognize China but they don’t accept the rule of the communist party and can’t accept the statement that equates China with the Chinese Communist Party as one. He told VOA that “In Hong Kong other than a few of those establishments at the top who care for their power and interest and openly praise Beijing, most of the Hong Kong people are in fear of the communist party and don’t like what it does. Even for those in the establishment who praise Beijing, they feel concerned and unsafe that the Communist Party is invading Hong Kong and openly stating that Hong Kong is under communist party rule.”

Source: Voice of America, December 5, 2017