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If China and Japan Start an Economic War, the United States Will Be the Winner

China’s state media Huanqiu published an opinion article in which the author, a research analyst at the Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, mentioned the United States in an effort to separate the Chinese people’s nationalistic emotions from the Sino-Japanese rift over the Diaoyu islands (called the Senkaku islands in Japan). 

The author said, “Recently, quite a lot of people (in China) actively participated in the campaign to defend the Diaoyu (Senkaku) islands. The activity has escalated to ‘boycotting Japanese goods.’ It is not difficult to predict that the Japanese will also take a similar action and ‘boycott Chinese goods’ resulting in an economic conflict with China. … If a Sino-Japanese conflict takes place, the real strategic winner will only be the United States.” “The United States’ strategic objectives are to dominate the world and maintain the U.S.’ global interests. The United States will take advantage of any opportunity to suppress its competitors." 
Due to the economic crisis, the United States is heavily in debt. It must also face the rise of emerging economies. The United States has felt the decline of its power to control the world. There are a considerable number of American policy makers who believe that weakening the strength of China by any means will result in an increase in U.S. power. The United States is hoping to revive its manufacturing sector and restore its international competitiveness. A conflict between these two big manufacturing countries is likely to become a huge economic opportunity for the United States. From the perspective of a shift in strength, the United States will be the beneficiary of a conflict between China and Japan.  
Source: Huanqiu, August 27, 2012