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Senior Monk with China’s Buddhist Association Calls 19th Congressional Report “Modern Day Buddhist Script”

An article that published reported that a senior monk with China’s Buddhist Association called the Communist Party the “Living Buddha” and asked the members of the association to follow him to hand write the report from the 19th Congress. The official wechat account of the Hainan Nanhai Buddhist College published the original article and picked it up. However, since then, it has been deleted. According to the article, on December 10, during the session of studying key messages from the 19th Congress, the deputy director of the Hainan Buddhist Association said, “The Communist Party is the living Buddha and the reports from the 19th Congress are the modern Buddhist script.” He hand wrote the reports three times and plans to write them ten more times. The deputy director also stressed that the Buddhist monks must be patriotic, party loving, law-abiding citizens first; they must have faith in both the Buddha and the current leader of China; they also must have the image of a “patriotic Buddhist” and tell “patriotic Buddhist” stories to the public.”

Source:, December 14, 2017兩岸/141255/中國佛教協會高僧-十九大報告是當代佛經-已手抄3遍要再抄10遍