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Huanqiu Opinion Article: PLA’s Option to Unify Taiwan is not a Threat

An opinion article that Huanqiu published reinforced China’s position on Taiwan and threatened military action against Taiwan, if necessary. According to the article, a Chinese official recently warned the assistant of a congressional member that, “The day that U.S. naval ships arrive at Taiwan’s Kaohsiung is the day that the PLA unifies Taiwan with military force.” The article called the warning a “red line” that the mainland established. Other conditions that are considered crossing the red line include Taiwan attempts to organize a referendum on independence, to change its name, or any other actions that are pro Taiwan independence. The article made the following statements: “If the red line is crossed, the PLA will follow what was defined in the Anti-Secession Law, cross the strait, and use force to gain control of the island and end the division. … Taiwan shouldn’t underestimate the will and the determination of the mainland. Otherwise it will allow the Democratic Progressive Party to make a fatal mistake. The determination that the mainland has against ‘Taiwan’s independence’ is far greater than the determination that the Democratic Progressive Party has toward ‘Taiwan’s independence,’ and the determination that the mainland has on Taiwan will also have an overwhelming power over the various attempts that U.S. tries to make when it ‘plays the Taiwan’s card.’ If a showdown were to take place in the Taiwan Strait, mainland military capabilities and strategies would be more than enough to defy any challenge. ‘Taiwan Independence’ would be completely crushed. There is no doubt about it and those who favor ‘Taiwan Independence’ shouldn’t take any chances.’”

Source: Huanqiu, December 10, 2017