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Australian Prime Minister: A Total of 10 Political Candidates Closely Associated with Chinese Intelligence

Well-known Chinese news site Sina recently reported that Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull emphasized the “Chinese Threat” again when he visited a local community. Turnbull said he was by no means against China since he had been doing business in China for 25 years. However, as the nation’s leader, he asked the Australian people to “stand up.” Turnbull also told the media that the Australian national security services confirmed that, in the past elections, a total of 10 candidates were “closely associated” with Chinese intelligence agencies. At least one of these candidates has already won an election. This is part of a wider Chinese plan to penetrate the Australian parliament. As soon as Turnbull made these comments, the Labor Party immediately accused the current administration of “intentionally leaking national security information,” in order to make the Labor party look bad. The spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned that the China-Australia relationship is being “poisoned.”

Source: Sina, December 11, 2017