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LTN: Police Cracked the Largest Methamphetamine Drug Smuggling Case in Australian History

Major Taiwanese news network Liberty Times Network (LTN) recently reported that Australian police officially announced the outcome of a six-month secret investigation of a methamphetamine (also known as Meth) drug smuggling case. The case involved 1.2 tons of Meth drugs, worth around $1.04 billion Australian Dollars (around US$813 million). The drug dealers were caught red-handed upon delivery. This new case replaced a similar one they cracked at the beginning of 2017 to become the largest in Australia’s history. According to the police, this batch of drugs was sourced from China. The drug dealer group still has their “mother ship” near the seas of West Australia. The recent police move only halted the smaller shuttle boats. The police refused to release more information about the “mother ship” in order to protect the Interpol surveillance mission.

Source: Liberty Times Network, December 22, 2017