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People’s Daily: Noda’s Government Can No Longer Resolve the Diaoyu Islands Crisis

People’s Daily published an article on its website analyzing the Japanese media’s reaction to China’s handling of the latest Diaoyu Islands dispute. The article observed that China’s four state-owned commercial banks refused to attend the annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank held in Tokyo, Japan on October 9, 2012. This has made the Japanese media extremely worried.

On October 9, Chinese fishing boats and ocean surveillance ships appeared again in the Diaoyu Islands’ waters. The Japanese media seemed to have nothing else to talk about except for the "Chinese government ships cruising the Diaoyu Islands" for nine consecutive days. 
Chinese scholars believe that, after the Democratic Party of Japan came to power, they crossed the “not-to-touch” bottom line that both sides, Japan and China, had set on the Diaoyu Islands issue and have made it so the "mutual trust" no longer exists. In the "Diaoyu Islands collision incident in September 2010, the Japanese side arrested Chinese captain Zhan Qixiong and handled the incident using Japanese domestic law; then again last month, Japan nationalized the Diaoyu Islands according to Japanese law. "Today, China no longer trusts Noda’s government; we expect that the next Japanese government will be able to deal more flexibly with the Diaoyu Islands issue." 
Source: People’s Daily, October 10, 2012