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China Deputy Foreign Minister: 75 Event Is a Criminal Act Planned by Overseas Forces

He Yafei, the Deputy Foreign Minister of China, re-stated on July 22, that the “75” (July 5) event in Xinjiang is China’s domestic affair. Fundamentally, it is not a race issue, nor a religion issue, but a severe violent criminal act carefully planned and organized by the overseas “three forces” (a term used by the Chinese government to refer to terrorists, separatists, and religion extremists – Ed).

He stated that Rebiya Kadeer conducts activities outside China, including in the US, to divide China. “The Chinese are fully aware of this. The US should also be fully aware of it. (I) hope the US restricts Rebiya from using US land to conduct separation activities (against China).”

Sources: Xinhua, July 23, 2009