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The Vatican Replaced Its Own Chinese Bishops with the Ones Beijing Nominated

Well-known Chinese news site Sina recently reported that the Vatican just made a concession to Beijing to give up its sitting Chinese bishops and instead appointed the candidates that the Chinese government nominated. The Vatican has sent a delegation to China to formalize the decision. Retired Hong Kong Cardinal Joseph Zen confirmed the news. In 2011, the Vatican had actually punished one of the China-nominated bishops, Huang Bingzhang, with excommunication. Huang is replacing the original bishop, Zhuang Jianjian, who the Vatican officially appointed in 2006 and who had no negative record. For more than one month in 2017, the Chinese police detained another bishop who the Vatican previously appointed, Guo Xijin. Both of these original bishops felt the decision that the Vatican made to remove them was unacceptable.

Source: Sina, January 23, 2018