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Xinhua: What’s the Hidden Agenda behind the Japanese Politicians’ Frequent Visits to China

A Xinhua article commented on Japan’s Prime Minister Abe’s intentions regarding China policy. The article stated that “important political officials and former heads of government in Japan have visited China recently, one after the other. In just two weeks, Japan has sent many people to China for a visit.” The article asked the question, “What do these Japanese visits mean?” 

The article commented, “To cope with the thorny issue of Sino-Japanese relations, Abe is subtly playing double faces: on the one hand, he is showing the ‘big and hard-line’ military ambition; on the other hand, he is ‘lowering his profile’ to stay humble in order to obtain economic interests at the Sino-Japanese summit.” 
“Abe is trying to use Japanese officials’ intensive visits to China to achieve multiple purposes: paving the way to obtain economic benefits from China; alleviating domestic pressure by talking about the Diaoyu Islands dispute between China and Japan; and, at the same time, finding an excuse to increase militarily arms preparations.” 

The article warns, “This time Abe perhaps made a wrong calculation; he underestimated the will and wisdom of the Chinese leaders. Chinese leaders have repeatedly made it clear that China will never trade its core national interest. … If Abe really wants to press the "reset" button on Sino-Japanese relations, to ‘walk in the same direction (as China) is the only correct path. No matter how many ‘personal letters’ or visits to China, perhaps it (Japan) will lose credibility because of the military ambitions of the Japanese side.” 
Source: Xinhua, January 31, 2013