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Research Showed More Economic Freedom in the U.S. under Trump

Well-known Chinese news site Sina recently reported on the Index of Economic Freedom that the U.S. Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal just released. The Index showed that Hong Kong won the highest score of 90.2, up 0.4 from last year. It was the only region with a score over 90. The United States was ranked at number 18, with a 0.6-point increase in its score. The U.S. score had been on the decline for the past decade. According to Edwin Feulner, founder of the Heritage Foundation, only 12 years ago, the United States was ranked number five among nearly 180 regions. The past ten years have been very tough. Now finally the free-fall has stopped and the U.S. is actually heading in the right direction. Feulner pointed out that the U.S. rebound should be credited to Trump’s deregulation push. Since the Index data did not include the recent U.S. Tax Cut, he expects a much better U.S. score next year.

Source: Sina, February 1, 2018