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Taiwan ASUS Withdraws Cloud Service Business from China

According to an article that Radio France Internationale published, Taiwan ASUS Tech Computer, Inc. recently announced that it will give up its iCloud service market in China due to a change in China’s Internet security law. The article stated that ASUS decided to give up the Chinese market when it faced two options: cooperate with China’s inspection regulations requiring moving the data center to China or withdraw from China’s market. Unlike ASUS, Apple gave in to the Chinese authorities and agreed to allow a Chinese company to manage its iCloud service in China. Asus announced that it will discontinue its cloud service as of May 1 and asked its customers to open a new account in a different country or region. Following the announcement, ASUS decided to reduce its data service centers from four to three with the remaining centers located in Taiwan, Luxembourg, and the U.S. According to the article, China accounts for a 10 percent share of the total customers for ASUS and closing down its China operation will not have a major impact on its overall business.

Source: Radio France Internationale, February 25, 2018港澳台/20180218-台湾华硕不愿屈服低头将云端服务撤出大陆A