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Tightened Online Posting following the Announcement of the Elimination of Term Limits

According to an article that the Epoch Times published, since the news to eliminate term limits for Xi Jinping was announced on February 25, heated discussions have taken place on social media in China. The Chinese authorities quickly started to delete large numbers of online postings, disabled account numbers, and filtered sensitive words. According to the investigation report China Digital Times and Free Weibo published, the authorities screened and blocked sensitive words such as “I disagree,” “immigration,” “migration,” “re-election,” “term limits,” “amendment to the constitution,” and “constitutional provision.” Sina Weibo users are only left with two options on the constitutional amendment topic. They can choose either “like” or “agree,” which has most likely been set up for those from the “50 Cent Army,” which refers to the Internet commentators that the Chinese authorities hire in an attempt to manipulate public opinion to the benefit of those in authority.

Source: Epoch Times, February 26, 2018