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China Review News: The U.S. Strategy on China Has Changed from Cooperation to Containment

China Review News, China’s state-sponsored media in Hong Kong, published an article stating that Trump clearly explained the Trump administration’s position on China in the economic field in his State of the Union address and in the U.S. National Security Strategy adopted in December 2017. He said that the U.S. strategy on China has changed from cooperation to containment.

The article compared Trump’s speech to former U.S. presidents’ remarks and previously issued U.S. documents pertaining to U.S. China policies. The article said, “The national security strategy that President Barack Obama approved in 2015 highly praised ‘unprecedented cooperation’ with China and called China a ‘strategic partner.’” (However), “the new U.S. national security strategy has, for the first time, listed economic cooperation and development issues as the core issue of ensuring national security. It characterizes the economic relations with China as one of the U.S.’s major security threats as well as a current challenge of ‘the global order that the Western powers established after the Second World War.’”

The article concluded, “U.S. policy toward China has turned a corner: Washington has shifted from a policy of trying to change China’s political system via cooperation to a ‘containment’ policy. The impending ‘trade war’ is only the first stage of a war of ideals. (We) hope Beijing can have enough wisdom (to deal with it).”

The article has been republished in many popular online based Chinese news media including People’s Daily (overseas edition), Sina, and others.

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