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People’s Daily Online Launches Hong Kong Branch

The network department of the Chinese Communist Party’s official newspaper, People’s Daily, People’s Daily Online Co., Ltd. has established a Hong Kong branch. The inaugural ceremony was held in Hong Kong on Tuesday, March 19, 2013.

People’s Daily Online, born in 1997, appears in 15 languages ​​and 16 editions, with 24-hour rolling news reports. Liao Hong, the president of People’s Daily Online, said at the inaugural meeting, that the expansion of People’s Daily Online to Hong Kong was to "build a platform for communications between the government and the people and to promote social harmony." According to Liao, People’s Daily Online has no plans, in the short term, to be listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

In recent years, China’s official media have continuously expanded overseas. Newspapers and TV networks have launched or expanded their businesses in the West by setting up offices in Western Europe and the United States. People’s Daily Online, which has 29 domestic branches, has already been operating overseas branches in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Russia, Australia, and South Africa.

Source: BBC Chinese, March 20, 2013