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Duowei: Hong Kong Media Exposed the Secrets behind the Presidium Name List

Duowei News published an article reporting that the 190 member Presidium of the 13th National People’s Congress held its first meeting on March 4. The host was Li Zhanshu. Duowei quoted an analytical article from Hong Kong’s Ming Pao, which stated that the sequence on the presidium members list usually carries a certain meaning. For example, the first name on the list is usually the future Chairman of the National People’s Congress. Therefore it predicted that Li Zhanshu would be the chairman of the upcoming National People’s Congress. The second person on the list usually manages the personnel. Xi Jinping had that role ten years ago while Liu Yunshan held the position five years ago. For the upcoming term, it is Chen Xi, who currently heads the Organization Department. The third person on the list is usually the secretary of the presidium, who will be the future first vice chairman of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee. According to an article from Epoch Tomes, Li Zhanshu is considered Xi’s right-hand man. He helped Xi to clean out the residual forces that Ling Jihua left at the General Office. Chen Xi was Xi’s classmate from the Chemical Engineering department of Tsinghua University. Wang Huning, the current member of the party’s Politburo Standing Committee will mainly be responsible for party affairs and ideological work.

Source: Duowei, March 8, 2018…1520811016781