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China’s Development Cannot Advance without Africa

ZHAO Changhui, a scholar at the Contemporary World Research Center, expressed the belief that China’s future development lies in Africa. He said the following in an opinion article published by Xinhua

“The geographic distribution of global business is being re-shuffled. Emerging markets will become the basic source for revenue and profit, whereas Africa is the battleground that all the players in the world will want to control.” 
“For the future, the most important issues are that China should do three things without any hesitation: 

1) Strategically, conquer Africa. The Chinese government, think tanks, the press, and the public need to adjust their view of the world, implement aggressive and mass scale African policies that are supportive and complementary to each other, and help the Chinese business community, especially the different central and local state-owned enterprises, to advance firmly and coherently in African. 

2) Tactically, steer China’s financial and monetary direction. China’s financial banking institutions, particularly the national financial institutions, should wake up and determinedly enter the most lucrative African market. The United States, as China’s geopolitical rival, is unrestrained in trade and financial protectionism, while Europe will remain flat over the next 10 years. 

3) As a goal, establish a unified market. Africa is eagerly looking forward to forming an alliance with China to have all-around cooperation in which China’s trade and investment will benefit Africa and the transfer of technology and productivity will lift Africa out of hunger, poverty, and social risks due the unemployment of young people. In today’s world, only China has strong finances, the technology, and the political will at the same time.”

“In short, the ‘China Dream’ is a new model for the world. Africa is the bridge for the ‘China Dream.’”
Source: Xinhua, March 27, 2013