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China’s State-Media Comments on The U.S. Air Force’s Designation of Six Cyber Tools as Weapons

China’s state-run media published an article commenting on the U.S. Air Force’s designation of six cyber tools as weapons. It said, “This unprecedented decision means that the government and the military of the United States officially define the attacks on the Internet as the reality of war. In addition to land, sea, air, and outer space, virtual cyberspace has become the new real battlefield.” “This approach will extend the arms race to Internet space, thereby affecting the international military and political structure.” 

The article pointed out that for the U.S. to launch attacks using cyber tools was not a secret; the move may have had two major purposes. First, the U.S. Air Force is trying to echo the propaganda that the Obama administration put forth on "cyber threats" this year. Second, the U.S. military wants to secure more defense funding from the U.S. Congress. 
The article was initially published on the website for China Youth Daily. Other major websites for China’s state media then republished it. 
Source: People’s Daily, April, 10, 2013