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Global Times Editorial: South Korea, the United States, and Japan Must Not Interfere with Sino-DPRK Friendship Relations

China’s Global Times published an editorial commenting on the recent developments in North Korea’s nuclear issue. The editorial stated, “The North Korean nuclear crisis has pushed North Korea into the spotlight of global public opinion. The information that South Korea, Japan, and Western media organizations have produced have basically dominated the world public opinion field. For China and the DPRK, how to distinguish and grasp the differences between the conflict on both sides of the nuclear issue and the Sino-DPRK friendship relations, and how to avoid the influence of South Korea, Japan, and Western public opinion in this regard is a major test that both countries should regard highly.”

The article warned that Chinese society must be clear-headed, stay calm, and must not be manipulated by the (hostile) forces that have ulterior motives.

It continued, “The Global Times has always firmly supported the Chinese government’s proposal to denuclearize the peninsula and oppose wartime conflicts on the peninsula. At the same time, it firmly believes that it is necessary to maintain the Sino-DPRK friendship relations and minimize the impact of the nuclear conflict issues on this relationship.”

“There are serious differences on the nuclear issue. This is the reality of the China-DPRK relationship, but it should not become the whole of the relationship between the two countries at any time, and it should not cut off the long-term strategic track of China-DPRK relations.”

Source: Global Times, March 18, 2018