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Huanqiu Opinion Article: In the Trade War, China Must Destroy U.S. Arrogance

China Daily carried an opinion article that Huanqiu originally published which was titled, “In the Trade War, China must Destroy U.S. Arrogance.” The article commented that Trump’s announcement of tariffs against China was meant to “threaten other countries so as to demonstrate that the U.S. is No. 1 in the world and to induce the faster developing countries, such as China, to give in to the U.S. in economic resources and opportunities in order for the U.S. to realize the prominent powerful status it wants to achieve.” The article stated that the Trump administration is the one that “most favors applying extreme pressure everywhere and forcing the world, including China, to accept its behavior.” The article further stated that “China should teach Trump a lesson. Once he is defeated in the US-China trade war, it will become a political lesson for the U.S. which will make the U.S. give up the idea of engaging in a trade war idea in the future. … China has a huge market. While China battles trade wars with the U.S., China should also gain support from the European countries in order to isolate the U.S. rather than let the U.S. isolate China. We should set up our ultimate goal which is that we must destroy U.S. arrogance over its aggressive trade policy against China and make sure Washington is clear when it plans to exercise tough measures against China in other areas.”

Source: China Daily, March 24, 2018