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China to Form the World’s Largest Media – “Voice of China”

According to an article in Radio Free Asia, based on a document that the State Council released on March 21, China will form the world’s largest media station called “Voice of China.” It will combine the existing China Central Television, China National Radio, and China Radio International under one unified name. The Publicity Department will manage it and have the responsibility to “promote the Party theory and guidelines, organize major publicity and coverage, guide social hot topics, strengthen international communication capabilities, and publish positive news on China.” The article reported that, based on information from an undisclosed source, Voice of China will not only produce the party’s propaganda program, it will also copy the model of those public funded stations in foreign countries, receive government funding, and limit the amount of advertising during its programs. According to the official statistics, China Central Television has at least 10,000 employees with over 70 branch stations overseas. China National Radio has over 2,100 employees and China Radio International has over 2,000 employees and broadcasts in over 60 languages. It is expected that, following the consolidation, Voice of China will become world’s largest media.

Source: Radio Free Asia, March 21, 2018