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Chinese Lieutenant General Boasts about China Taking over Taiwan in Three Days

China’s state media, the Global Times, published an article that Former Vice Commander of the Nanjing Military Region, Lieutenant General Wang Hongguang, wrote boasting about China taking over Taiwan in three days with “six fighting means.” The article is related to the U.S. Congress having recently passed the “Taiwan Travel Act.” The six fighting means include the following:

The first is firepower. During the preparation phase, the three waves of firepower assaults are based on artillery missiles, plus three waves of aviation firepower supplements. According to computer simulations, one-third of Taiwan’s important targets should be destroyed, and other important targets and general targets should be suppressed, making them lose their functions within 48 hours.

The second is hitting the targets. The U.S. military determined that there are more than 700 strike targets in North Korea (1.2 million troops). Taiwan’s military has only about 200,000 troops, so at best it will have 200 to 300 targets. The military objectives in Taiwan have two characteristics that make them easy to beat. One is that they are concentrated; the other is that they are exposed.

The third is a three-dimensional battle. The fourth is information (including an electromagnetic network) warfare. The fifth is special operations. Our military has a special warfare division in each war region. It is a good opportunity for practicing fighting used in Taiwan. The sixth is psychological (including the law and public opinion) warfare.

The article concluded that after the joint, sustained and fierce attack of the ‘six means of warfare,’ ‘Taiwan independence’ forces could be sustained for no more than three days.

Source: Global Times, March 27, 2018