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Will Chinese Take Tougher Steps Against U.S. Surveillance Ships?

Xinhua cited an unidentified overseas media saying China may consider tougher measures against U.S. military surveillance operations in its coastal waters. On August 27, China, at a U.S.-China maritime military security meeting, said, "the ultimate way to resolve U.S.-China maritime incidents is for the U.S. to change its surveillance and survey operations policies against China, and decrease and eventually stop such operations." “Overseas media hold that to date this is the most explicit statement from China on the U.S. reconnaissance activities, which may mean that China will take tough measures against the U.S.” A Chinese military expert expressed that China can first issue warnings, followed by expulsion. “If that does not work, China can proceed to surround the intruding vessel and sink it.”

Source: Xinhua, September 7, 2009