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In the Trade War, China Should be Careful about a United West

Well-known Chinese news site Sina recently published an online commentary analyzing the roles played internationally in the upcoming “trade war” that U.S. President Trump started. It seems Mr. Trump’s card of steel and aluminum duty exemptions was designed to force the traditional allies to align with the U.S. position against China. Although the EU governments have not made any announcements, yet some EU media are already setting the stage for a “United West.” For example, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ, the German national daily newspaper) came out in favor of standing “shoulder to shoulder with Washington.” At the same time, Finanz und Wirtschaft (the Swiss financial newspaper published in Zurich) also published an article, pointing out that the EU faced the same “admission to market” barriers in China that the United States faced. Handelsblatt (Germany’s largest financial newspaper) published its commentary describing Trump’s trade war as “not intended to fire at Europe,” saying that the EU should find a “common ground” with the U.S. to battle China’s unfair trade tactics. Looks like the EU countries are forming their strategy based on choosing an ally. At this historic moment, shouldn’t China take some action?

Source: Sina, March 26, 2018