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Xinhua: Five Key Points of the China-Russia Military Exercises

Xinhua recently reported that the China-Russia joint naval military exercises had five important focal points: (1) The large scale included surface ships, submarines, helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, and Marine Special Forces units; (2) Both sides sent flagship level warships; (3) The scope of the exercises was wide and practical. They therefore enjoyed deep mutual trust and covered joint anti-submarine, anti-aircraft, and anti-ship exercises, as well as joint civilian escort missions; (4) The operational integration level, from planning to commanding, was high; (5) They emphasized real-life combat exercises and cooperation with the air force. The China-Russia “Joint Maritime 2013 Exercises” started on July 5 in the Japanese Sea. A total of 19 warships and 8 aircraft participated in the exercises. This was the first time a Chinese Naval fleet participated in international exercises with no direct logistic support from China.
Source: Xinhua, July 5, 2013