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People’s Daily: Philippines Plays Tough toward China and Is Flattering the United States

The People’s Daily Overseas Edition published a commentary article in which it called the Philippines “the fox borrowing the tiger’s fierceness.” Its purpose is to mess around and cause trouble [in the South China Sea issue]. The article pointed to the Philippines’ Foreign Ministry spokesman Hernandez’s statement on July 15, 2013, that, "It is impossible for the Philippines to continue bilateral negotiations with China on the South China Sea dispute." 

The commentary said that "after a series of interactions with the United States, the Philippines considered itself more emboldened and its spine was harder.” “The Philippine’ Presidential Palace stated that U.S. President Barack Obama had warned China not to use force or threatening means with neighboring countries in its maritime disputes. The Philippines believes that Obama’s statement fortified the Philippines’ position in maritime disputes.” Therefore, for the Philippines to play tough with China is not unexpected. 
The article said that “towards its U.S. ‘big brother,” the Philippines is greeting with all smiles on its face.” “Now it seems that the Philippines is willing to be the ‘little brother’ and is determined to realize its maximum benefits along with the U.S.’s ‘Asia-Pacific rebalancing.’” 

The article said that the “government of the Philippines seems to have lost the right direction.” 

Source: People’s Daily, July 18, 2013