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China’s Second Aircraft Carrier Will Soon Have Its First Sea Trial

Well-known Chinese news site Sina recently reported that China’s second aircraft carrier is scheduled for its initial sea trial in about two weeks. Leaked photos showed that its phased array radar installation reached completion. The sea trial date is likely to be around China’s Naval Army Day (April 23). Chinese Naval experts explained that the new and fully domestically designed carrier will not serve as a training vessel. Instead, it will be a combat vessel. The carrier is also to gain more design experience for the next one. However, this upcoming new carrier will not deploy catapult take-off technology because China’s carrier aircraft still needs improvements. Also, if a carrier were to use electromagnetic ejection technology, it would require high electric power, which may be too difficult for a conventionally powered carrier. The new carrier has tens of millions of parts. The full cycle of preparation, design, research, and development, as well as construction will require highly comprehensive experience to mature.

Source: Sina, April 9, 2018