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International Herald Leader: How to Understand U.S.’ Attitude Change to China

The International Herald Leader, a newspaper under Xinhua, published a commentary about the “U.S. National Intelligence Strategy.” It noted that the U.S. identifies China, Russia, Iran and North Korea as its “imaginary intelligence enemies” and stressed China and Russia’s capability of Cyber War against the U.S. The commentary said that the U.S. changes its face toward China, from cozy relationship at the G2 to punitive taxes on Chinese tires, and then to directly pointing to China as its “main challenger.” The U.S. did a complete turn-about.

The bottom line is, that it is unimportant that they claim China to be their imaginary enemy or praise the G2; it all is an outgrowth of the U.S. national interest. At certain times, the U.S. might need to ask for favors from China, but in reality, it is on high alert concerning China.

Source: International Herald Leader, September 21, 2009