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China Review News on the Necessary Adjustment of China’s Diplomatic Policies in Southeast Asia

On September 22, 2013, China Review News published a commentary on the necessary adjustment to China’s diplomatic policies in Southeast Asia. According to the commentary, as China is becoming a world power, it has to deal with complicated relationships with China’s neighboring countries. The United States, by comparison, has always enjoyed the advantage of “no wars with its neighbors.” Although China has the power to handle any neighbors now, China needs to focus on its domestic economic development. Therefore, China should balance its domestic development and its international relations with its neighbors in the following ways:

  1. Strengthen China’s domestic system building, economic development and social control, and its management.
  2. Convince the neighboring countries to trust China’s political commitment, its promise of safety and the direction of its economic development.
  3. Share international responsibilities and authority in the Asia-Pacific region and take care of small countries’ interests appropriately so as to increase China’s international influence and its legitimacy in the world.

Source: China Review News, September 22, 2013