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Huanqiu Opinion Article: Xi-Modi Talks Set a New Milestone for Rational Relations in Asia

Huanqiu published an opinion article in which it stated, “A brand-new positive situation is forming around China. Some strategic risks are tending to ease. The possibility of serious conflict between China and individual surrounding forces due to specific disputes has dropped to a historical low. … The stability of China’s peripheral relations will reduce the likelihood that external forces around China will deliberately make a choice and intervene, thereby reducing the risk of conflict between China and the United States in matters concerning China’s major interests.” The article was referring to the recent softening relationship between China and India, Japan, the Korean Peninsula, the Philippines and Vietnam. It stated that Beijing made the effort to adjust its policy with its neighboring countries which has enabled those countries to realize that China’s rise is an opportunity for them rather than a threat. When friction arises, China and the neighboring countries need to appreciate each other and no one can force Asian countries to confront each other. The future of Asian peace and prosperity lies in the hands of Asians.

Source: Huanqiu, April 28, 2018