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RFA: China Youth Daily’s Online Coverage of Beijing University Sexual Harassment Case Was Deleted Leaving Blank Open Page on Its Website

RFA reported that Beijing University was allegedly covering up a sexual harassment case involving a professor and a female student from 20 years earlier. A currently enrolled Beijing University student asked the University to release the investigation report to the public but the University authorities suppressed her request. On April 29, China Youth Daily circulated a full page article about the incident. Its online version was then deleted, leaving a blank open page on its website. In its deleted article, China Youth Daily reported that Beijing University lagged behind in following the requirement of the Ministry of Education to disclose university information to the public voluntarily. Its ranking dropped below the top 50 in the “2016 China Higher Education Transparency Index Report.” Some faculty members and students acknowledged that, as soon as they requested that the university release the sexual harassment investigation information to the public, they also faced pressure from the university authorities. Some came to the conclusion that there is an underlying understanding that the university has shared all they are able to share with the public and that anything beyond that would impact the interests of the university. A twitter posting stated that the head of Ministry of Education reacted with outrage over the China Youth Daily article.

Source: Radio Free Asia, April 29, 2018