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Defense Ministry: Shooting Down a Chinese Unmanned Aircraft Considered Act of War

People’s Daily recently reported that Geng Yansheng, the spokesperson for the Chinese Defense Ministry, made an announcement about the Japanese position that it would shoot down Chinese unmanned aircraft. Geng stated that China will consider that to be an act of war. He also said China will respond with “decisive” counter-attacks, and no one should under-estimate the “firm will” of the Chinese military. Earlier, the Japanese Defense Ministry had announced that Japan “may consider” shooting down Chinese unmanned aircraft if they “invade Japanese airspace.” Geng claimed that China has never invaded any foreign airspace and that Chinese military training activities in the East China Sea are “lawful normal operations.” Geng also mentioned the fact that, very recently, the Chinese Navy helped save a Japanese fishing vessel.
Source: People’s Daily, October 26, 2013