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Xi Jinping Inspects “Chips” Industry: “In the Past, by Tightening Our Belts, We Built Two Bombs and One Satellite!”

On April 26, while visiting the Wuhan Fiber Home Technologies Group, Xi Jinping said, “The optical communications industry is very important. To build a nation that is an Internet power, we need to accelerate the pace and quickly occupy some commanding heights.”

“In the past, by tightening our belts and gritting our teeth, we built ‘two bombs and one satellite!’” Xi said, (referring to a Mao-era weapons development program), “This was because we made the best use of the socialist system — we concentrated our efforts to get great things done. The next step is to do the same with science and technology. We must abandon fantasy and rely on ourselves.”

On the morning of the April 26, Xi Jinping went to the Wuhan Xinxin Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to look at the integrated circuit production line. Xi said, “in order to realize the ‘bicentennial goal (by 2050),’ we must overcome difficulties on our own so as to have some major core technologies. We have unprecedented opportunities and are facing unprecedented challenges.”

Source: Xinhua, April 26, 2018