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China’s State Media Comments on U.S. and Japan’s Aid to Philippines

China’s state media Huanqiu (Global Times) published an article commenting on the U.S. and Japan’s aid to the Philippines as a result of typhoon Haiyan. 

The article said, “The nation that had brought great military suffering to the Asian countries sent its Self Defense Forces (SDF) to the Philippines, which could be called ‘the largest overseas deployment of troops after World War II.’" The article, citing other international media reports, stated that the political implications of the disaster relief assistance to the Philippines are becoming increasingly clear. That the U.S. and Japan employ large-scale military forces for the disaster relief to the Philippines shows obvious political motivation. 
The article quoted the Russian Lenta News Network, which said that the United States acting, on such a large scale and with such fanfare [for the assistance], demonstrates the special relationship between the United States and the Philippines. The United States takes Japan as the "unsinkable" aircraft carrier. Now the Philippines has become a major ally of the United States. The two countries take advantage of each other to counterbalance China. Being very active in the rescue efforts, the U.S. is all for its own geopolitical interests. 
The article also implied, by quoting Japanese foreign critic Timberland Naoto’s comment, that, on the surface, Abe’s sending the SDF is to contribute to world peace and development, but the real purpose is to contain China. [Even in] the typhoon disaster, the emergency aid also reflected the reality of international politics. 
Academy of Social Sciences researcher Zhou Qi told the Global Times that Japan’s high-profile involvement with a helicopter carrier is surprising.   

Source: Huanqiu, November 15, 2013