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China Forms Federation of Internet Societies

People’s Daily reported that the China Federation of Internet Societies (CFIS), a national confederation of internet social network organizations, was formed on Wednesday May 9. The group consists of 300 Internet organizations and enterprises, including 23 national organizations and 277 local ones. The management team includes Jack Ma, founder of the Alibaba Group and Huateng Ma, founder of Ten Cent. According to the article, the mission of the Federation is to “work under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party and government to promote social network development utilizing numerous social resources.” The president of the Federation vowed that the Federation will “adhere to the correct political direction; advocate for the social network organizations to play a functional role, be a defender for their interests, promote party organizational development work within the organizations; oversee the operation of the organizations and promote the healthy and orderly development of social network organizations with the assurance of following the rule of law.”

Source: People’s Daily, May 10, 2018