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Quotes from Xi Jinping’s Speech at the 2018 Meeting of Academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences

On May 28, 2018, the 19th Meeting of Academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the 14th Meeting of Academicians from the Chinese Academy of Engineering were held in Beijing, where Chinese President Xi Jinping gave a speech. Xi’s major points (dubbed as golden quotations) were summarized in the Forum of Powerful Nations section of the People’s Daily website. Below are the first six quotations.

1. For China to flourish and rejuvenate, we must vigorously develop science and technology and strive to become the world’s major scientific center and innovative high ground.

2. The situation is pressing, the challenges are pressing, and the mission is compelling. The majority of scientific and technological workers in our country must grasp the general trend, seize the first-mover advantage, face the problems and difficulties, aim for the cutting edge in science and technology in the world, and lead the direction of technological development.

3. We must soberly realize that some historical intersections may have resonance with each other, and some historical intersections may pass us by.

4. Practice has repeatedly told us that we cannot expect to acquire the critical core technology through request, purchase, or begging.

5. (We should) make great efforts in the key areas and areas that have high barriers, gather elite forces, and make strategic arrangements to make breakthroughs as soon as possible.

6. (We should) take the key common technology, leading-edge technology, modern engineering technology, and disruptive technological innovation as breakthrough points and strive to be able to own and control the critical core technologies so that we can firmly hold the controlling power over innovation and development in our own hands.

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