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Xinhua: HK Government Announced Phase One Sanction against the Philippines

On January 29, Xinhua reported that the Hong Kong government announced a phase one sanction against the Philippines. The sanction is in response to the refusal from the Philippines to apologize for the Manila Hostage Incident which occurred on August 23, 2010. It caused the death of eight Hong Kong residents during the rescue mission. The latest sanction will remove the 14-day visa waiver for Philippine’ official passport holders. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs immediately announced its official support of the Hong Kong government’s position. The Philippines Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded on January 30 that the Philippine’ government regretted seeing the outcome of the Incident, but did not intend to issue an official apology. 
Xinhua, January 29, 2014
China Radio International (CRI), January 31, 2014