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Green Peace: Increase in China’s 2018 Carbon Emissions Expected to Be the Fastest in Six Years

China Carbon Trading Online recently published a report by Green Peace, which showed that China’s 2018 carbon emission volume will increase at a pace never seen in the past six years. Green Peace reached this conclusion based on China’s official data. This brings back the doubt as to whether the Paris Agreement can truly result in curbing carbon emissions. Green Peace’s calculation showed China’s carbon emissions increased four percent in the first quarter of this year. China is currently the largest carbon emissions country in the world; it creates a quarter of the world’s total emissions. Global emissions stabilized between 2014 and 2016. However, in 2017, the total emissions started growing again as a result of the increase in the volume that China produces, as well as the European Union and the rest of the Asian countries. Scientists expressed their belief that, according to the Chinese government’s economic development plan, China’s increase in emissions will continue. China estimated that its emissions level will top out “before 2030.”

Source: China Carbon Trading Online, May 30, 2018