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Huanqiu Editorial: Chinese Media Should Make a Greater Effort to Support Russia and Putin

Huanqiu, a state-run media under People’s Daily, published an editorial commenting on China’s position regarding the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict. Below are some quotes from the article:

“While the Chinese Government is playing the necessary balance of diplomacy in the Ukrainian situation, the Chinese media have been freely discussing the development. Most stand on the Russian side. Their opinions regarded Russia’s move as a reaction to how the West has, over the long-term, been squeezing Russia.” 

“We tend to agree with the public opinion that supports Russia. The reason is that the Russian resistance to the Western forces moving Eastward in Ukraine is not only related to the fate of Russia itself, but also directly related to China’s major strategic interests. We often regard North Korea as a buffer force against the U.S. and Japan. The effect is actually very limited because North Korea is too small. Today, Russia and China will constitute a genuine mutual strategic buffer to enable China’s ascent. If the West were to crush Putin’s Russia, it would be an extremely heavy blow to China’s geopolitical interests.” “Looking at the world today, Russia is our most worthy partner in developing comprehensive strategic cooperation. At least in the coming decades, no one will be able to replace Russia in its strategic importance to China.”

“Putin taught the color revolution a lesson. Russia’s resistance to the West, which Putin has led, has global significance. China does not have to worry that being on Russia’s side will damage our relations with Ukraine. In fact, that concern is unnecessary. Supporting Russia is consolidating China’s grand strategy. As long as the grand strategy is stable, many other bilateral relations will not be a problem.”  

Source: Huanqiu (Global Times), March 5, 2013