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Oriental Daily: China Objects to Korean War Peace Treaty Saying it Is Invalid without China’s Involvement

Hong Kong Oriental Daily News reported that it is very likely that the Korean War that has lasted for 68 years will officially end during the Trump-Kim Summit on Tuesday, June 12, in Singapore. A peace treaty is expected to be signed by the U.S., South Korea, and North Korea during the Summit. It will include a non-aggression pact between the North and South and include a security guarantee to North Korea. As to whether China, which participated in the Korean War, might object to the peace treaty, the article quoted Hankyoreh, the South Korean newspaper, which stated that the South Korean government was not aware that China might object to the peace treaty. It will work with China during the execution of the treaty to end the war, but the U.S., North and South Korea will initiate the peace treaty while the denuclearization agreement will be a joint effort to include China, the U.S., and North and South Korea. On June 4, China’s official media Huanqiu published an article that stated, “If China is excluded from the peace treaty, the treaty will be deemed invalid and could be revoked at any time.” The article claimed, “China’s participation in producing and signing the peace treaty would not only make the treaty legally valid and historically grounded; it would also provide an extra share of stability.” The Huanqiu article stated that without China’s arduous efforts, no peace treaty would exist. Therefore, it is undeniable that China should be part of the peace treaty discussion.

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