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Ministry of Defense: US Actions Severely Interfered With Sino-US Military Relationship

According to Xinhua, Major General Qian Lihua, Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Ministry of Defense of China commented on the upcoming US visit of General Xu Caihou, the Deputy Chairman of the Party Central Military Committee. Qian specifically pointed out that in the past several years the actions of the US have created severe interference to and have had a negative impact on the military relationship between the two countries. These actions of the US included substantially increasing the military relationship with Taiwan, advancing weapon sales to Taiwan, the US Congress’ restriction of the Sino-US military exchange into twelve areas in the “2000 National Defense Authorization Act,” the questioning by the US of China’s military strategic intention and development, and the frequent activities of US airplanes and ships in the air and water space that China claimed as its own economic zone.

Sources: Xinhua, October 23, 2009