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RFI: North Korean Media Described Kim Jong-un as a Supreme World Leader

Radio France International (RFI) Chinese recently reported that North Korean media swiftly and massively covered the story of the historic Singapore Summit immediately after its completion. The media described North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as a supreme world leader who even U.S. President Donald Trump admires greatly. When Kim was walking along the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, the streets were filled with people praising him. The 40-minute North Korean Central Television program suggested that President Trump showed Kim the presidential ride (nick-named the Beast) to express his “infinite admiration” towards Kim. The general tone that the North Korean media pushed hard was that Kim has successfully led the advancement of the global political forces with his extraordinary political wisdom. Some international political critics expressed their belief that President Trump was a bit too generous to the North Korean dictatorship, which has a long-standing record of human rights abuse.

Source: RFI Chinese, June 15, 2018