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Pakistan Announced Anti-Dumping Tariff against China

Shanghai-based industrial news media SMM (Shanghai Metals Market), which specializes in reporting news regarding non-ferrous metals, recently reported that the Pakistani National Tariff Commission announced an anti-dumping tariff on color-coated steel coils and sheets made in China and South Africa (Announcement ADC51). The Pakistani government made the final judgment call and determined the products in scope did established tangible damage to Pakistani domestic products. The anti-dumping tariff will remain in effective for the next five years. The tax rate for Chinese manufacturers will be in the range of 5.36 percent to 10.88 percent, depending on the specific product tax code. This announcement was made at nearly the same time that the U.S. Trump administration instated its 301 tariffs on China. Also, the Pakistani government approved the initial conclusion of its anti-dumping findings for pencils made in China. A four-month temporary pencil anti-dumping tariff will also apply.

Source: SMM, June 19, 2018