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Xi Jinping Sets New Direction for Foreign Diplomatic Work

Xinhua reported that the Central Foreign Affairs Working Conference was held in Beijing on June 22 and 23. It established the guiding position of “Xi Jinping’s diplomatic thoughts on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in a New Era,” which provided a new direction for diplomatic work. During his speech, Xi summarized China’s achievements in foreign diplomatic relations over the past five years and proposed ten diplomatic thoughts. They included “safeguarding the authority of the Central Administration and strengthening the Party’s uniform leadership in diplomatic work” and “China should actively participate in leading the reform of the global governance system and create a more comprehensive global partnership network.” According to Xinhua, the participants included seven members of the Party Standing Committee, Vice Chairmen Wang Qishan, the members of the entire Politburo, the Secretariat of the party, and the highest ranking leaders of the following: the National People’s Congress, the State Councilor, the Central Publicity Department, the Central Foreign Liaison Department, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the National Development Committee, the leaders of the reform commission, the Ministry of Commerce, and the Joint Chiefs of the Central Military Commission.

The Duowei News article quoted reports from The Nikkei, a Japanese newspaper, which reported that the participants at the conference were not allowed to take notes and the discussions were not fully disclosed. According to Nikkei, Xi told the participants that “we shouldn’t feel lost in the chaotic international climate” and that “China needs to understand our position and role in the changing world and scientifically set foreign policy guidelines.”

An Epoch Times report commented that the conference was held just as the U.S. is changing its China policy, a possible Trade War will take place between China and the U.S. and the Western world has started to guard against China’s infiltration. It is unusual for Beijing to hold such a high level conference on Foreign Diplomacy work. The intent of this meeting was to set the direction for foreign diplomatic work, which must be consistent with the Central Administration and ensure a unified coordination of action among the different departments.

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