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Global Times: The U.S. Asked the World not to Buy Iranian Oil. How should China Respond?

Global Times recently published a commentary offering some strategic suggestions on how to respond to the U.S. position of asking the world to ban Iranian oil. The commentary started with the fact that most EU companies decided to stop doing business with Iran. However, China and India are the largest buyers of Iranian oil. The U.S. exit from the Iranian Nuclear Deal was in itself a betrayal to the promise the U.S. made as a government – or should people call it bullying. However just like other nations, China faces the choice of losing the profitable business with Iran or losing more business with the U.S. Global Times suggested: First, the U.S. position has no basis in international law – and China should not just agree. Second, China should not stick its head out to lead the opposition against the U.S. since China does not have the power to lead in such a case. Third, China should strengthen coordination with other large Iranian oil buyers to negotiate with the U.S. jointly. In a case of not touching China’s core strategic interests, China should avoid being recognized as “the leader of the united front-line against the United States.”

Source: Global Times, June 28, 2018