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On Ukraine: China Should Lean Towards Russia, a key State news website under China’s State Council Information Office and the National Internet Information Office, published a commentary stating that as the crisis in Ukraine unfolds, China should gradually lean towards Russian. 

According to the commentary, there are two reasons for China to be more active on the issue of Ukraine. First, China has been objective and impartial without taking sides, while showing moral sympathy toward Russia. This approach has won respect from the parties and expanded China’s influence on the issue of Ukraine. However, as the situation develops, it would be impossible to be “absolutely independent” or even “relatively independent.” Second, while the U.S. focuses on Ukraine, Obama does not forget China. The U.S. has been beating the drum on the issues of the East China Sea and the South China Sea. It equates Crimea with Taiwan and its recent remarks clearly show that whatever happens in Europe will not affect the U.S. adjustment in its Asian Pacific strategy, which deems China as its top adversary. 
“So should China make a corresponding policy move to lean towards Russia on the issue of Ukraine as retaliation against the United States?” The commentary predicted that during Putin’s visit to China in May, the two strategic partners will issue surprising announcements concerning further cooperation between the two, a natural response by China and Russia to the U.S. intrusion and containment. 
Source:, April 16, 2014