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China Review News: Xi Jinping’s International Strategy

China Review News published a commentary on Xi Jinping’s international strategy for China. A few points it mentioned follow:

1. China wants a peaceful development path; it also needs other countries to take the peaceful approach. If some country takes China’s restraint and patience as a sign of weakness, and takes advantage of China’s suggestion of solving conflicts via political dialog and the diplomatic approach, it will pay dearly for it. “China is not afraid of conflict, nor does it want conflict. One should not separate peaceful development from safeguarding our national interest. China’s core national interest is not allowed to be attacked or harmed.”

2. China is working on the following international relationships:

– Establishing a new type of relationships with major countries. For the U.S., take the approach of no-confrontation, mutual respect, and cooperation for a win-win situation. For Russia, treat each other as the largest and most important strategic partner. For the Europe Union, focus on the trend of change there and the on development opportunities. For India, take the advantage of the rapid development trend in both countries and engage in cooperation and joint-development.

– Advance the diplomatic relationship with neighboring countries. In the next five to ten years, create win-win situations, push for regional security cooperation, and establish a public opinion base for a sense of community.

– Set up the right view of righteousness and interest in order to strengthen and develop the cooperation with developing countries. For those countries that have been a long-term friend of China but are having a hard time with their own development, China should give greater consideration to their interests.

– Be more active in international affairs.

Source: China Review News, May 7, 2014