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Ministry of Commerce: China’s Trade Surplus with the U.S. Reached Record High in June

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce recently posted a notice on its official site regarding the news that, according to data from the General Administration of Customs, China’s June trade surplus with the U.S. reached US$28.97 billion, which is the highest level since the year 1999. The total exports to the U.S. in June amounted to US$42.62 billion, which is a new record. Overall Chinese June exports saw an 11.3 percent increase, while imports increased by 14.1 percent – both were lower than the same numbers in May. China’s overall June trade surplus was at US$41.61 billion. Experts expressed their belief that the record-setting numbers with the U.S. showed a healthy U.S. economy with strong growth as well as a slightly weakening Chinese economy. Some also thought China’s domestic spending was weak due to its lack of investments. Also, in June, China had a trade surplus of US$16.25 billion with the European Union, a trade deficit of US$2.89 billion with Japan, and a trade surplus of US$4.22 billion with Russia. In the first half of 2018, China had an overall global trade surplus of US$135.4 billion.

Source: The Chinese Ministry of Commerce Official Site, July 13, 2018