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A Korean Survey Suggests 70 Percent Koreans Regard China’s Military and Economic Rise as a Threat

Recently, the Asan Institute for Policy Studies of South Korea conducted an opinion survey, titled the "Korea-China relations public opinion survey." Huanqiu (Global Times) reported that the Yonhap News Agency published an article about the survey. The results showed that nearly 70 percent of Koreans regard China’s military and economic rise as a "threat."

According to the report, the survey interviewed 1,000 Korean adults aged 19 or above. Results indicated that 66.4 percent of respondents regard China’s military rise as a threat. The number decreased slightly from 73 percent in 2012. However, 71.9 percent of respondents regarded the economic rise of China as a threat. This represented an increase of 19 percentage points as compared to 2012. 

On the other hand, 57 percent of respondents expressed support for the security cooperation between Korea, the U.S. and Japan. In contrast, only 30 percent of respondents supported the security cooperation between Korea and China. 

Source: Huanqiu, June 24, 2014