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BBC Chinese: Hong Kong’s July 1 Parade Mobilized Over Half a Million People

BBC Chinese reported on July 1 Hong Kong local time that, according to the organizer, this year, over 510,000 protesters participated in Hong Kong’s annual parade. The parade is held annually each July 1 to commemorate the anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover in 1997. Hong Kong had just completed an unofficial referendum on the issue of how the city’s chief executive should be elected. Over 780,000 legal residents cast their “votes,” which did not favor of the government’s plan for future elections. The July 1 parade set a record in terms of the number of participants. The pro-Beijing Hong Kong government holds that only the Nominating Committee, instead of the voters, can choose the candidates for the city’s chief executive [Specifically, it will only allow candidates who "love China."] The protesters, however, hold the position that the voters should be able to nominate candidates. In accordance with certain rules, the Nominating Committee would then confirm them. Hong Kong has a population of seven million people.
Source: BBC Chinese, July 1, 2014